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B848.5/E20171 'The man from MENSA’ :1 of the 600Dr. Bernard J. Mulholland.2016.Sep 20, 2017
K926.58/E20171 Hong Kong :a new era[Editor : Bob Howlett][1998?]Sep 20, 2017
H030/E201415 On the impact of context upon text =论语境对语篇的影响王全智著.2014.Sep 20, 2017
I712.45/E200518-2 One flew over the cuckoo's nest :a novelby Ken Kesey.1976.Sep 20, 2017
TS974.13/E20171 Face :100 makeup movesCarol Morley & Liz Wilde.2000.Sep 20, 2017
TP18/E20173 Language, images and artificial intelligence =语言、图像与人工智能主编徐雪涛.2016.Sep 20, 2017
J534.3-54/E20177 Book (American Advertising Federation) 1995-Sep 20, 2017
I712.45/E201712 PigtownWilliam J. Caunitz.1995.Sep 20, 2017
G766/E20171 Elämää Asperger-lapsen kanssa. 2014.Sep 20, 2017
G806/E20171 Body :100 tips for a better bodyCarol Morley & Liz Wilde.2000.Sep 20, 2017
F713.5/E20131.2 The new positioning :the latest on the world's #1 business strategyJack Trout with Steve Rivkin.1996.Sep 20, 2017
I712.072/E20173 American muses :poetry and poetics = 美国缪斯 : 诗与诗论耿纪永编著.2016.Sep 20, 2017
TV131.2-53/E20171/2016 Proceedings of the second conference of global Chinese scholars on hydrodynamics =第二届全球华人水动力学学术会议论文集editor in chief, Wu Yousheng, Dai Shiqiang, Yan Kai.2016.Sep 20, 2017
TB47-54/E20171/1 Graphis products by design 1 :an international collection of product design = Produktdesign im Internationalen Überblick = un panorama international du design de produitsedited by B. Martin Pedersen ; publisher and creative director, B. Martin Pedersen ; editor, Gianfranco Mantegna ; associate editors, Valerie Arnade, Annette Crandall, Heinke Jenssen ; art directors, B. Martin Pederson, Randell Pearson, Greg Simpson.1994.Sep 20, 2017
J534.3-54/E20176 The New York festivals :... international advertising awards. 1993-Sep 20, 2017
D676.58/E20171 Social transformations in Chinese societies :the official annual of the Hong Kong Sociological Association. 2005-Sep 20, 2017
F810/E9911 Classics in the theory of public financeedited by Richard A. Musgrave and Alan T. Peacock.1958.Sep 20, 2017
F810/E20082.2 Principles of financial engineeringSalih N. Neftci = 金融工程原理 / 萨利赫 N. 内夫茨著.2010.Sep 20, 2017
K500.3/E20171 Western civilization :a study for Chinese studentsDavid Burnett.2016.Sep 20, 2017
J534.3-54/E20174 One Show advertising annual. 2010-Sep 20, 2017


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